tangle: video installation

single channel video installation (loop)
projection with interference
matt mccormick

Tangle video installation in an art gallery.

Tangle is an exploration of light, movement, and the architecture of the projection surface.  A tracking shot through the veiny tangle of branches in a wintertime forest emits from a projector that abuts a gallery wall and projects into a corner.  Half of the projected image appears ‘normal’ on the facing wall, while the other half of the image is strewn along the adjacent wall as it stretches odd-long from the projector.  The horizontal movement within the video image and the bisection of the projection beam create an abstract dimensionality that redefines spatial relationships- both in the forest where the original footage was captured and in the gallery where the video piece is playing.

“Matt McCormick’s nuanced, lyrical work of winter trees that scan like line drawings against a gray bank of twilit fog hooks the eye with a sumptuously complex texture.” – John Motley, The Oregonian, April 11, 2012

“Perhaps the show’s most memorable piece is also its simplest. Matt McCormick’s projected treetops cast silhouetted images into a corner, the trees distorting as they move across the wall, morphing into elegant, haunting abstractions.” – Richard Speer, The Willamette Week, April 28, 2012